Day 1 – Mike

As I suspected, no changes in mentality, yet. The biggie here being all of the statistics.

I woke up feeling ready to hit the gym. I had no thoughts of not lifting and was excited to get this challenge started.
While lifting, I was slow and focused on my form as I’d knew I’d be doing many sets and of course, 30 days street. I’ve focused on nutrition today and will continue to do so to help with recovery. I’m taking a ZMA 20 minutes before bed to assist with nightly recovery. My game plan is wake up a little earlier tomorrow Read the rest of Day 1 – Mike »

30 Day Muscle Challenge – Initial Measurements – Mike

Age: 27
Height: 6′
Weight: 256.0
Water: 49.2%

Body Part Measurement
Neck 16.9′
Chest 44.1′
Shoulder Width 22.2′
Bicep 17.25′
Forearm 12.3′
Waist 48′
Hips 46.5′
Thigh 26′
Calf 17.25′

The 30 Day Muscle Challenge

The plan: 30 consecutive days of working out the entire body, in a row, in an attempt to mimic relatively similar results as Jim Stoppani did with his 100 days of squats.

My friend (Bill) and I will be focusing on good form and making sure to get all sets in.

The workouts:

  1. bench press
  2. low row
  3. lateral pull downs
  4. back squats
  5. jack knives

This list will be the minimum goal of each session, everyday for the next 30 days.


While it won’t be an easy accomplishment, the task at hand is quite simple. Lift clean and everyday.

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30 Day Muscle Challenge – Initial Measurements – Bill

Age: 26 (Almost 27)
Height: 6’1/2″
Weight: 150.2lbs

Body Part Measurement
Neck 15.5″
Chest 41″
Shoulder Width 20″
Bicep 13 3/4″
Forearm 11 1/2″
Waist 31 1/2
Hips 35″
Thigh 21″
Calf 13″

ColdFusion Pagination Made Easy

I know I haven’t posted in quite some time, but I’ve written a small method to help handle some of my day to day pagination challenges and I thought I’d share it. I’ve created a demo which uses MySQL, fake data, a ColdFusion customTag and the pagination method.

I imagine there’s quite a few developers that have already created something like this for themselves, so I apologize for being redundant if so. This is for the people who are constantly copying and pasting the same code over and over again throughout their applications. Not only that, but for anyone who really struggles to understand and implement pagination, this is great for you.
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Security Vunerability/Flaw in Java 7

Update: Oracle has released an emergency patch after stating they weren’t breaking their cycle. Download the Java 7 security patch here:

If you haven’t heard the news recently, then you should probably take a minute to read this and find out if you’re at risk from the latest security vulnerability found in Java 7 update 6. This is known as the zero-day vulnerability and is considered to be an “extremely critical” Java vulnerability by Secunia.

Java’s latest release had quite a few vulnerabilities. 19 vulnerabilities to be exact, with the zero-day vulnerability being one of them.  Oracle is saying it was aware of the vulnerabilities the whole time, but isn’t going to release anything until their next scheduled patch release, which is in October. You can read more about Oracle’s claims, here.

From what I’ve been able to find out, this vulnerability put’s anyone at risk who is using Java 7 along with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, FireFox and Safari. Don’t expect to be safe if you’re on a Mac either. It’s been confirmed that anyone with a Mac that has Java 7 installed, is susceptible to the same attack as a Windows users. If exploited, the attacker could run a Trojan known as “Poison Ivy” to attack the computer without any knowledge or required permissions. A quote from Carsten Eiram, Chief Security Specialist at vulnerability management firm Secunia, “This vulnerability is not a ‘memory corruption’ type vulnerability, but instead seems to be a security bypass issue that allows running untrusted code outside the sandbox without user interaction. In this specific case a file is downloaded and executed on the user’s system when just visiting a web page hosting a malicious applet.”

So how do you fix the zero-day Java 7 vulnerability? Well, there’s an unofficial patch, but I’d highly recommend uninstalling the latest update of Java from all of your computers until further notice from Oracle. It is safe to revert back to Java 6 as a replacement, but there’s a chance some of your newer programs or Internet browser plugins may break as a result, but it’s better to be safe and deal with it for the time being.

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